Archive America was founded by the Blank Family who also founded National Brands (the world’s largest Anheuser Busch distributor), and Seaboard Warehouse Terminals (one of Florida’s largest commercial warehouse operations). Today Archive America is one of the fastest growing offsite storage and business records management companies in the industry.

Under the leadership of Andy Blank, Archive America has become a national leader in document management services. Our secure document, data, and film storage facilities are utilized by thousands of customers. Our track record and financial stability are unmatched in the industry.

We offer proven, personalized solutions and a commitment to measure and constantly improve performance and service with the sense of urgency you expect!

Community Involvement and Support

The family ownership of Archive America believes in supporting the communities where they do business. Through the Blank Family Foundation, they provide ongoing support to a diverse group of community support organizations. Community outreach includes both charitable contributions and active participation.

Fuel Surcharge

The Company assesses a fuel surcharge on its monthly invoices by applying a Fuel Surcharge Rate to all transportation-related fees including, but not limited to, the transportation visit fee, transportation visit surcharge fee, transportation handling per Unit fee, and excess mileage fee, if any. Once the Fuel Surcharge Rate is implemented, it will be adjusted from time to time thereafter in the sole discretion of the Company, based on the published Diesel Fuel Price for the applicable geographic area where the Company’s operations are located (or other geographic area selected by the Company, if the Diesel Fuel Price for that area is no longer published). The Fuel Surcharge Rate is determined by referring to the published Diesel Fuel Price at the end of the month that is three months prior to the month of the adjustment and a Rate Table developed by the Company. The Fuel Surcharge Rate in the Table starts at 12% (when the published Diesel Fuel Price is $2.50 or less), and increases gradually with every twenty-five cent change in the published Diesel Fuel Price.  The maximum Fuel Surcharge Rate in the Table is 24% (when the published Diesel Fuel Price is between $4.76 and $5.00).  If the published Diesel Fuel Price exceeds $5.00, a new Fuel Surcharge Rate Table will be updated and implemented at that time.  Customers with questions about the Fuel Surcharge Rate should contact our Billing Department at