Offsite Data Protection Services

Offsite Computer Data Storage Environment

Archive America manages computer media, microfilm, microfiche, tape libraries and other valuable records as if they were our own. We provide the proper data records management and storage solutions including strict maintenance of temperature, relative humidity, fire ratings and suppression systems.

Security For Offsite Document, Data and Film Media

Protecting magnetic media, computer tapes, film and sound archives and vital records and documents requires a secure offsite data storage environment including motion, heat, smoke and fire detection systems monitored 24 hours a day by a central station. Security systems such as electronic keypad entry and digital deadbolt locking provide additional safeguards for your most vital computer data storage needs.

Offsite Data Management Technology

Archive America’s systems are extremely versatile and customizable to meet individual client needs. We accommodate most barcode identification symbologies including the Tri-Optic label and our own internal Code 39. Our system allows us to “post” any request received in an ASCII file (in a variety of formats) to maximize speed and accuracy. We can create simple or complex tape rotation schedules and automate them with our sophisticated data rotation systems or through interface with your third-party TMS provider.

Offsite Film Archives and Data Vault Storage Solutions

Archive America wants to be your computer tape storage, film & sound archives and electronic media management partner. We offer the facilities, the security, the technology, and the experience to assure the protection of your valuable information. You can count on us to exceed your expectations.