Retention and Secure Destruction

Our Records Retention Scheduling Software ensures that different categories of documents have retention rules that can be applied for boxes, files, tapes or documents.

Our retention scheduling software provides the following:

  • Category Codes
  • Retention Times
  • Schedules
  • Index Information
  • Barcode Management

Confidential Certified Destruction and Shredding Services for boxes, files, tapes and computer media are part of our fully-integrated Records Management Program. We are experts in secure destruction of confidential and sensitive information. When a document has reached the end its life cycle, a destruction authorization is obtained. Once the Secure Destruction authorization has been provided, all items are securely destroyed and a Certificate of Destruction is supplied.

Destruction Services include:

  • Secure Destruction
  • Document Shredding and Pulping
  • Certificate of Destruction