Data Storage

Secure Vault Storage provided by Archive America is the leading industry offsite data storage solution.

Archive America core services:

  • Data and Records Management
  • Information Management
  • Document Management

Our nationwide network of records storage centers are uniquely equipped to supply both data storage and vault storage to support any business requirements.

Our data storage solutions include custom scheduled tape and media rotations for your backups.

  • Support for barcoded tapes and media containers
  • Your storage media is scanned and tracked every step of the way
  • Customized rotations for your critical media backups

Our proprietary software and vault systems allow us to store all types of media in custom designed storage areas to ensure the greatest security and optimal storage. We can import scheduling of tape backups from a TMS system on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual occurrence.

Data Safety

In the event of a disaster, our intuitive indexing system allows us to quickly restore order for our clients.