Electronic Records Management

Archive America is built on a strong technology foundation. We are experts in Enterprise Content Management (“ECM”) and offer our clients a superior solution through both hosted and on-site deployment models. Our patent-pending records management software solution, RECORDS STUDIO, is US Department of Defense-certified. This is tangible assurance that your vital documents and data are seamlessly managed and secured in accordance with the “gold standard” of records management practices.

Advanced archiving systems enable us to effectively and efficiently manage your documents and data. Consequently, Archive America’s software systems are hosted at the NAP of the Americas. The “NAP” is a leading hardened data center with redundant systems and direct backbone access to the world’s major carriers. We are plugged directly into the main data pipeline, eliminating all intermediate ISPs, ensuring the fastest and most reliable data connections.

  • Document Studio: Our easy-to-use, secure Document Management Software “library” and automated “filing cabinet solutions” for all your documents making it easy to locate information when you need it.
  • Workflow Studio: Create efficient workflows through business process automation technology and know where your documents are every step of the way. If an invoice (or contract for that matter) is moving too slowly, you’ll know where it is and have the tools to escalate the process – without having to search for the paper.
  • Records Studio: Our Electronic Records Management Software easily manages BOTH electronic and physical records repositories in compliance with your records retention and regulatory requirements. Using RECORDS STUDIO can help you to breathe easier knowing your information is stored exactly where you expect it to be and only accessed with authorization.
  • E-mail Studio: Email Studio is Email Management Software equipped with the latest content search technology. Email Studio is the fastest and easiest way to locate the exact document, image or nested attachment you need.
  • Document Imaging Studio: Document Imaging Studio allows for all records and documents – from a single page to thousands of pages – to be scanned and converted to digital documents.