Open-Shelf File Management

While container storage is most efficient for inactive records, active files are better suited to an open-shelf environment. Archive America specializes in open shelf file storage solutions for the healthcare information management profession including offsite open shelf patient & medical records storage, radiology x-ray film storage & file management and other offsite file management services and solutions.

Archive America offers terminal digit filing systems, retention schedule management, file indexing, purging, request of information, certified document destruction and other active file services. Industries that benefit from active records management systems in an offsite open-shelf environment include healthcare, insurance and financial services. Our clients include numerous hospital, healthcare facilities, government agencies and law firms including some of the largest hospitals in the US. With miles of open-shelf records under management, our experience and capability are unrivaled.

Our clients may add, transfer or edit descriptive information electronically through a user-friendly online interface or via file export. Our software has the unique ability to scan clients’ existing bar-coded files and digitally enter that information into our database with unique tracking numbers, ensuring accuracy and saving both time and money.

Let us evaluate your active document management needs and design a program specifically for you