Our Mission and Culture

Choose your records management partner as if your business depends upon it… because it does! When you choose Archive America as a partner, you get much more than a storage company. Archive America is your single source provider of professional document management services.

Our clients acknowledge receiving superior service. You’ll receive unparalleled customer service from a dedicated staff. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your vital business information is safely guarded and in the hands of consummate professionals. People that care. In addition, we have expert business partners through an international network (that we helped found) of leading records management consultants.

Our founder and team leader, Andy Blank, is a hands-on motivator. He is absolutely committed to his original focus, to exceed our customers’ expectations every chance we get.

With a 77-year history of building businesses that stand the test of time, a 50-year history of providing secured storage management and logistics, and a 15-year history of hiring and retaining people that know what it takes to serve information managers, Archive America is just one of the successful business ventures from a family committed to being the best at what they do.

Allow Archive America to become your document storage and data storage management company and experience real service, from real people, who really care!